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Ashley is updating?? Oh my....

Hello all.

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

I sat down here today to tell all about my wonderful weekend. *realizes that it wasn't a weekend* Okay, what I meant was, my wonderful labor day +next day. ^__^

So...it all started on Labor day. I had to work at 6:30 at LE1. I was at work on time and all...but I only got like four hours of sleep. -_- So I got to work with Kellie, whom I heart. She is my most favoritest person to work with. Then I was sent to LE4 at 9. -_-

But after work, I went to my bestest buddy Amanda's house. ^__^ We watched some YnM. It was pretty. But then, Ashley feared that she must return home...only, there was more YnM to watch...so she comes up with a plan. She will ask her mom if she can spend the night!!

Plan works. Ashley stays, and together, Amanda and Ashley finish YnM. Ashley gets very teary towards the end.

Then we went online and did various things...such as yuri with Serena. I heart Serena. She is my lover. ^__^ Then...Amanda and I were very tired. So a little after midnight, we decide to go to bed. *gasp* I know. Very early for Amanda and I. But...we were asleep around 1. We got like 8 hours of sleep!! ^__^ And I slept in a bed!! I never sleep in a bed at Manda's...

So then when we woke up, we had some tasty raspberry rolls, mmm, and watched some ER. Then we decided to go shopping for cosplay stuffs.

So we went into Lincoln and went to various Goodwill stores. Manda got a Stefen and 'Lendel X Vanyle tie, and I got a Yoken tie. We wore them all day. It was fun. I tied mine, and Amanda was having problems...so I told her to take it off. But I guess she didn't belive my sincerity, so I had to tell her again to take it off. ^__~ Then I tied it for her.

I got me some j-rock hooker boots. (not the ones that I wanted. Beings I want *actual hooker boots. You know, the ones that come up to your thighs...)

I also got me some slutty Yohji shirts. (Shirts that I assume Yohji would wear clubbing...) definately not Ashley shirts...one is silvery and the other is shimmery purple.

So I'm gonna cosplay as either clubbin' Yohji...or possibly a j-rocker...such as, oh I dunno...SQUACKT!! That would be fun...

But I really want to cosplay as Cha-Cha now...pink pants...pink platform shoes...awww...Cha-Cha...

Went and picked up my check today...it wasn't signed...so Manda and I waited for Audie (my boss) to come down and sign it for me...it said it would be 11 minutes before he got to LE1. He got there a half hour later. -_-

I came to realize something today...after Manda and I yuried...

If the two of us acutally were yuri...we'd probably yuri together. We do everything else together...we're best friends...we love our yaoi...we're gonna write a yaoi-lemon together...though...it won't actually get to the lemon...cause of blood loss...

Anyway...I think I'm back into my VAST fandom...though at the same time...I'm in my j-rock fandom...so...I dunno.

There are two things that I must do when I turn 18, which is in a little more than a month...I must get me a tatoo. Which I think will end up looking somewhat like the VAST butterfly. The other thing I must do? Buy some real slash porn. Why? Cause Luke doesn't think I can stomach it. Manda and I will show him!!

On a random note...I'm getting married to Serena!!
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