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What JRocker Body Part Are You Obsessed With?
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You are the sexy Gackt
You're Gackt-sama

Which PVC-clad Jrocker are you??
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GW Rabid Fans 1
You're Gackt's Rabid Fans!!!!!!!!!*cough*cough*
that hurt my throat...anyway. That's right,
you're Gackt's legions upon legions of adoring
fanigirls/boys who are probably one of his most
thorough and devasting combined force.Here's
your breakdown:You don't tend to fight your own
battles, opting instead on bringing you're
friends in the spat to help you out. While this
is all well and good, you're kinda screwed when
you're caught in a problem by yourself.

Gackt Quiz*~*Which Gackt Weapon are you?*~*~
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