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Look at me updating...

I don't know what to say...I'll do a survey...

name: Ashley Marie McClellan
gender: Female
birthday: October 11, 1985
piercings/where: 5, in my ears.
tattoos/where: none, yet.
height: 5’9
weight: ...
shoe size: 9 or 10
hair color: Blonde
length: short


movie you rented: The Whole Nine Yards
song you listened to: My Immortal
song that was stuck in your head: I'm turning Japanese
song you've downloaded: Velvet Goldmine
cd you bought: Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack
cd you listened to: Evanescence--Fallen
person you've called: Luke
person that's called you: Manda


you wish you could live somewhere else: Hopefully...Lincoln, within a couple of months.
you think about suicide: nope
others find you attractive: I dunno.
you want more piercing: eh.
you want a tattoo: Hell yeah!
you drink: only on special occasions.
you do drugs: Never have. Never will.
you like cleaning: Sometimes.
you like roller coasters: Yup.

for or against

long distance relationships: against.
using someone: against.
suicide: against.
killing people: ...death penalty? For. Murder for no reason? Against.
teenage smoking: against.
doing drugs: very much against.
premarital sex: it's your choice.
driving drunk: against.


food: Pizza, or anything Itailian.
song: Right now? My Immortal.
thing to do: Hang out with my friends, watch anime, listen to music...
thing to talk about: yaoi!
sports: eh. Soccer!! Just cause of Ken! ^__^
sports to watch: Yaoi!!
drink: Dr. Pepper.
clothes: Jeans.
movies: comedy, horror, drama, chic-flicks...
holiday: I like Halloween through Christmas.
color: Dark Green.
scent: Candies perfume, or Vanilla flavored stuffs.
band: right now, Evanescence.
local band: The only one I know about is DRTD (Don't Rape the Dog)
animal: cats
day of the week: Friday or Saturday.
feeling: um...happy?
tv show: Grounded for Life.

this or that...

black or white? black
in or out? in
up or down? up?
sitting or standing? sitting.
rain or sun? Rain.
winter or summer? Fall. ^__^
fast or slow? Fast.
hot or cold? Warm.
soft or hard? Hard. XD


shampoo do you use: Starwberries and Cream!!
cologne do you use: Right now? Vanilla something or other...
shoes do you wear: Whatever I find.
are you scared of: My cat. XD


of boys I have kissed? 6
of girls I have kissed? romantic? none.
of continents I have lived in? one
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? There is only one friend I trust with everything...no offense...

5 things you are wearing

1. Shirt
2. Jeans
3. Socks
4. Shoes
5. Bra

5 things you are doing right now

1. listening to Will and Grace.
2. Typing
3. Waiting for my mama.
4. Going through stuffs in my head.
5. Yelling at the dogs.

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours

1. Life cereal
2. Philly
3. Ruffles sour cream and onion.
4. Cheese burger
5. Ice cream

5 things you did so far today

1. Went to Manda's.
2. Went to Crete.
3. Went back to Manda's.
4. Went to work.
5. Came home.

5 things you can hear right now

1. Dogs
2. tv
3. cat
4. the door opening.
5. the door closing.

5 thoughts in your head

1. I want to go to Manda's.
2. I'm tired.
3. I need to talk to mom.
4. I want my anime.
5. I want a pop.

5 famous people you'd bang in a second

1. Gackt
2. Justin
3. Yohji
4. Ewan
5. that guy on Reba.

Five things you love

1. music.
2. anime.
3. friends.
4. my mom.
5. my kitty.

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